How to use Gimkit code  for homework assignments and assessments

Gimkit code homework assignments

Gimkit is an interactive quiz platform that allows teachers to create engaging homework assignments and assessments for students. Using Gimkit code, teachers can easily set up quizzes that students can complete online. In this article, we’ll explore how to use Gimkit code for homework assignments and assessments, including how to create a quiz, share the code with students, and analyze their performance.

What are Gimkit assignments?

Gimkit assignments are a way for you to assign Gimkit games to your students that they can play on their own from anywhere. You can use assignments for distance learning, independent study, or homework. Assignments can be linked to your classes, so you can easily Gimkit codetrack your students’ progress and results. You can also set due dates, cash goals, question goals, and other options for your assignments.

How to create a Gimkit assignment?

Creating a Gimkit assignment is easy and takes Gimkit codejust a few minutes. Here are the steps to create an assignment:

Sign in to Gimkit and create a new kit (question set) or choose an existing one.

Click the “Assign HW” button next to the Gimkit code kit you want to use. You can also create an assignment from your Assignments section, but you will need to select a kit first.

Select the mode you want to use for your assignment from the mode picker and click continue. You can choose from 10+ different game modes, such as Gimkit code Classic, Trust No One, Team vs Team, etc.

How to share and manage Gimkit assignments?

Sharing and managing Gimkit assignments is a straightforward process that allows teachers to easily distribute quizzes to their students and monitor their progress. To share a Gimkit assignment, teachers can generate a unique code for the quiz and share it with their students. Students can then enter this code on the Gimkit website to access the quiz and complete it online. Teachers can track student progress and performance in real-time, allowing them to see how well students are understanding the material and identify areas where additional support may be needed.

Managing Gimkit assignments is also simple, as the platform provides teachers with detailed analytics and reporting tools. Teachers can view individual student performance, class-wide results, and question-level data to gain insights into student understanding and engagement. Additionally, teachers can customize quizzes, set time limits, and adjust settings to meet the specific needs of their students. Overall, Gimkit offers a user-friendly platform for sharing and managing assignments, making it an effective tool for enhancing student learning and engagement.

How to complete a Gimkit assignment?

Completing a Gimkit assignment is a straightforward process that allows students to engage with the material in a fun and interactive way. To complete a Gimkit assignment, students first need to access the quiz by entering the unique code provided by their teacher on the Gimkit website. Once they enter the code, students will be able to see the quiz questions and answer choices on their screen. They can then select the correct answer for each question and earn points based on their accuracy and speed.

As students progress through the quiz, they will be able to see their score and rank compared to their classmates, adding a competitive element to the assignment. Students can also earn in-game currency, called “Gimkit cash,” which they can use to purchase power-ups and other features to help them answer questions more quickly and earn more points. Overall, completing a Gimkit assignment is an engaging and interactive experience that can help students reinforce their learning and improve their understanding of the material.

How to view Gimkit assignment results and reports?

You can view your students’ results and reports for any Gimkit assignment from your Assignments section. Just click on the Results tab of any assignment to see how each student performed on the assignment. You can sort the results by name, class, cash earned, questions answered, accuracy, etc.

You can also click on the Open Report button at the top of any assignment to see a detailed report of the assignment. The report will show you various statistics and graphs about the assignment, such as average questions answered, average accuracy, question Gimkit code difficulty, question distribution, and student feedback.


Using Gimkit code for homework assignments and assessments can make the learning process more interactive and engaging for students. By creating quizzes on Gimkit, teachers can easily assess student understanding, track their performance, and provide personalized feedback. Overall, Gimkit is a valuable tool for educators looking to enhance their teaching practices and make learning more enjoyable for students.

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